COVID-19 News & Updates

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Additions and Updates Made in the Past 7 days.

This section shows all recent additions and updates made in the past 7 days to Maple Reinders’ COVID-19 webpage.

May 31, 2020 – Updated legislation changes have been added to the Legislation Changes file in the Maple Reinders Resources & Relevant Downloads section.

Against the backdrop of the global COVID-19 outbreak, Maple Reinders is preparing, responding and communicating to the best of our knowledge.

We are endeavouring to continue to build critical infrastructure and private-sector projects; and our offices and most of our sites remain open. However, these extraordinary circumstances require adaptability to what are sometimes daily or hourly changes.

In this context, please be assured that Maple Reinders’ goals are to do our utmost to protect the health and safety of our staff, clients and wider community. We have been guided in this effort by the advice of local, provincial and national public health authorities and have a formal plan and measures in place as part of our individual and collective efforts to slow and limit the spread of COVID-19.

Maple Reinders’ pandemic task force:

  • Meets daily and updates top management on the evolution of the situation
  • Ensures our organization in all Provinces of Canada in which we operate follows official authorities’ protocols
  • Discusses and approves measures and safeguards as the situation unfolds

We are grateful for the resilience, leadership and empathy of our employees during a challenging and stressful time. Even at a time when physical separation defines interactions between us, the prevailing strength of our community is more evident than ever.


We have set up a COVID-19 email address: for all staff to pose questions. Please also have discussions with your manager so concerns can be addressed in the daily calls with the COVID team.

Resources & Downloads

Maple Reinders’ Facial Fabric Covering Communication

The link below will direct you to the Maple Reinders’ COVID-19 Facial Fabric Covering Communication.

Maple Reinders’ Pandemic Response Plan

The link below will direct you to the Maple Reinders’ COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan.

Public Health Agency of Canada’s General Information on COVID-19

The links below will direct you to the Public Health Agency of Canada’s official posters about general information on COVID-19 and daily prevention practices.

Maple Reinders’ Province Specific Screening Questionnaires

Maple Reinders Resources & Relevant Downloads

The links below will direct you to the Maple Reinders’ COVID- 19 Pandemic Policy and other COVID-19 related information.


VirtualClinic+ is Canada’s easiest to use telehealth solution. It requires no app downloads and connects you with a doctor when you need it. Covered in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario with a valid health card.

To book an online appointment with a Canadian Doctor, click the link below to visit their website.

Canada Mask Supply

Canada Mask Supply was created in response to the increased need for domestic personal protection during this time of crisis. They are a 100% Canadian Company producing a ‘Made in Canada’ protective face masks, made with Hospital-grade material adhering to specifications as set out by the CDC. Canada Mask Supply has shields, which are produced in Canada on a 3D printer.

To find out more information about Canada Mask Supply, click the link below to visit their website.

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