Maple Reinders


In Pursuit of Excellence

At Maple Reinders, Integrity in Building Excellence is not just our slogan; it’s the standard by which we conduct business every day through the following core values: 
  1. Provide superior service to customers
  2. Act with integrity, honesty, fairness and cooperation at all times
  3. Strengthen team performance with shared commitment and resources
  4. Foster ongoing, open communication focused on “what is right” rather than “who is right”
  5. Cultivate service-driven, trusted partnerships with clients and trades
  6. Seek continuous improvement and innovation within a safe and supportive work environment
  7. Encourage mentoring, development and advancement opportunities
  8. Recognize effort and excellence
  9. Ensure good pay and job satisfaction
  10. Encourage environmental responsibility 
  11. Promote generosity and care for the needy
Pursue an entrepreneurial spirit and commercial drive