Celebrating our Incredible Staff

*This page is for Maple Reinder’s team members, please do not share externally*

One of our favourite annual traditions is to gather as a team to celebrate the milestone years of our colleagues who have been with Maple Reinders for a significant amount of time. This year, we recognized the achievements of our 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 year staff in a variety of events across the company. We’ve captured in video some reflections from our long term employees.

We hope you join us in celebrating their achievements. If you run into somebody on this list be sure to congratulate them!

Scroll through to see our team celebrating major anniversaries with us

25 Years of Service

Tom MacDonald

National Estimating Manager – Civil Canada

Jeremy Olthuis

Chief Operating Officer – Shared Services

Ray Veenstra

Sr. Project Director – Buildings Canada

20 Years of Service

Craig Fermanuik

VDC Specialist – Shared Services

Lynette Steer

Project Manager – Buildings Canada

Trevor Speers

Concrete Manager – Concrete

15 Years of Service

Justin Cowling

Director, Enterprise Systems – Enterprise Systems

Ken Klein-Geltink

Scheduler – Civil Canada

10 Years of Service

Greg Schulte

Regional Manager – Buildings Canada

Billy Sun

Estimator – Civil Canada

John Dorsman

Project Manager – Buildings Canada

Mark Castro

Systems Admin/Helpdesk Manager – Information Technology

Nicolas Helmer

Field Operations Manager – Civil Canada

Derek Lazure

Journeyman, Plumber – Shared Services

Jonas VanGinhoven

Regional Manager – Civil Canada

Stuart Sanday

Project Manager – Civil Canada

George Bardhi

Skilled Labourer – Shared Services

Kristopher King

Project Manager – Civil Canada

5 Years of Service

Cecilia Jiang

Estimator – Buildings Canada

Donal Sheridan

Project Manager – Buildings Canada

Andrew Law

Project Manager – Civil Canada

Fred Mondo

Assistant Project Manager – Buildings Canada

Zane Schjodt

Apprentice Pipefitter/Plumber – Shared Services

Cathy Mitchell

Project Manager – Civil Canada

Nat Del Valle

Proposal Manager – Marketing

Patricia Figueiras

Executive Assistant – Major Projects

Bryden Laflin

Project Coordinator – Civil Canada

Keith Sheppard

Project Manager – Civil Canada

Carl Jones

Commercial Manager – Major Projects

Jonathan Teschner

Project Manager – Buildings Canada

Bryant Muljadi

Project Manager – Buildings Canada

Joseph Sabourin

Project Director – Buildings Canada

Milan Azanjac

Project Manager – Buildings Canada

John Lee

Project Manager – Civil Canada

David Simning

Superintendent – Civil Canada

Marcio da Matta

VP, National – Civil – Civil Canada

Danuta Wojtowicz

Operations Manager – Buildings Canada

Morgan Paulson

Safety Coordinator – Shared Services

Caleb Palam

Operations Manager – Civil Canada

Gerry Schoon

Superintendent – Buildings Canada

Mike Templeton

Skilled Labourer – Shared Services

Peter Vandersluis

Operations Manager – Buildings Canada


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