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Celebrating our Incredible Staff

*This page is for Maple Reinder’s team members, please do not share externally*

One of our favourite annual traditions is to gather as a team to celebrate the milestone years of our colleagues who have been with Maple Reinders for a significant amount of time. This year, we recognized the achievements of our 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year staff in a variety of events across the company. We’ve captured in video some reflections from our long term employees.

We hope you join us in celebrating their achievements. If you run into somebody on this list be sure to congratulate them!

Scroll through to see our team celebrating major anniversaries with us

30 Years of Service

Bill Speers

Site Superintendent (Civil)

Mark Rhebergen

Safety Coordinator – Shared Services

25 Years of Service

Eric Van Ginkel

Chief Financial Officer

20 Years of Service

Dave Wanner

Skilled Labourer – Shared Services

Robert Zen

Vice President – Operations

Mark Vandersluis

Field Operations Manager – Buildings 

Brian Woudstra

Assistant Superintendent – Civil

Justin Schenk

Project Manager – Civil

15 Years of Service

Adam Coombs

Construction Manager – Civil / Project Management

Dan Hayhoe

National Director, Operations – Buildings / Management

Chris Plantinga

Site Superintendent  – Buildings / Field Operations

Jon Myers

Journeyman Carpenter Certified

10 Years of Service

Frank Sabourin

Project Manager – Buildings / Management

Kevin Riedstra

National Director, Business Development – Buildings

Albert Tremblay

Journeyman Carpenter – Shared Services

Elizabeth Stark

Office Manager

Jarvis Alaeddine

Project Manager – Civil

Nadeem Saeed

Systems Administrator

Jonathan Robbins

Development Manager – Buildings

5 Years of Service

Andrew Russell

Project Manager – Civil / Project Management

Daniel Chauvin 

National Director, Operations – Civil

Adrian Vanderwoerd

Controller – Accounting

Jonathan Hotari

Site Superintendent – Civil / Field Operations

Noel DeNiese

Talent Acquisition Manager

Shuhan Li

Estimator – Civil

John Breen

Business Development Coordinator – Major Projects / Business Development

Carel Vandersluis

Site Superintendent – Buildings / Field Operations

Daniel De Jong

Skilled Labourer – Shared Services

Hailey-Jo Mantel

Senior Financial Analyst, Operations – Accounting

Kristian Kaulbach

Project Manager – Buildings / Project Management

Ronnie Choy

Site Superintendent – Buildings / Field Operations

Yael Harris

Contracts Manager – Legal and Risk

Mason Van Vliet

Project Manager – Civil

Bryce Hamilton

Project Manager – Buildings

Christopher McCormack

Site Superintendent – Civil / Field Operations

Garth Spanninga 

Journeyman Carpenter Certified

Mena Shamshoom 

Manager, Special Projects

Stephen Buehler

Site Superintendent – Civil / Field Operations

Dale Parenteau

Journeyman Plumber – Shared Services

Tracey Muise

Office Manager

Daniel Nichols

Project Manager – Buildings


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