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Increased Collaboration Leads to Improved Project Delivery

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The advantages of using BIM, or Virtual Construction, on a construction project are numerous, but most important is real-time access to project info that is available to all team members at the same time. Historically, it could take weeks of studying drawings and schedules before a true project understanding was created. BIM can create a similar understanding with a 5-minute 4D animation. And when that 5-minute animation gets shared with 50 people, suddenly you have contractors, owners, operators, subcontractors, manufacturers, engineers and architects who can all start collaborating together, sharing and storing their individual expertise. We’d say that’s a pretty powerful thing.

Time and Cost Savings During all Phases of Construction

The ability to take a step back and build a project virtually, to see the proverbial forest for the trees, before ever physically stepping foot on site, has benefits at all points throughout the project lifecycle.

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4D Scheduling

Intelligent linking of a project schedule to a 3D model to create a 4D Phase Planning schedule – construction sequencing with visualization.

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Constructibility and Interference Checks

3D model is broken down in detail to review constructibility of the project, with all interferences highlighted for adjustment.

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Multi-Trade Coordination

Trade information and input is updated into the 3D model to ensure an accurate representation of what is going to be built.

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Inputting information into the model for accurate prefabrication and installation of construction elements.

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Estimating Support

Adding and extracting data from the 3D model to support estimating, eg. concrete takeoffs

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Model Animations

Creating models for meetings to ensure project team and owners are supported throughout the BIM process.

3D BIM rendering from the Chartwell Head Office project.

“The expertise of Maple Reinders’ Virtual Construction team has been called on to aid in everything from estimating to operations. Always with a positive ROI.”



of BIM support provided to project teams



issued identifying construction interferences



improved through BIM review

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Align Your Teams And Vision.

Interested in learning how Virtual Modelling can help your project and team? Give us a call, we’d love to chat.

Gary Schulte, National BIM Manager

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