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Site Analysis

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When considering a building site, what you don’t see can hurt you. While land (acreage) costs may be very similar in a particular area, the cost to build on a site can vary considerably. Many factors must be considered to ensure that the site meets your needs and doesn’t contain unwelcome and costly surprises.

Through our 50+ years of building experience, Maple Reinders has encountered and overcome almost every possible challenge on a project, and we use this knowledge to help our clients make informed decisions about their next building site.

Comprehensive Review for Peace of Mind

There are several factors that we will review as part of our Site Analysis and Selection service. It is of the utmost importance to perform a holistic review that considers:

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The site must be large enough to accommodate your building while accounting for future growth.

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What are the impacts of your site with respect to local amenities, proximity to transportation networks, work force?

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Confirm that your site is zoned properly for your purposes.

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Check with municipal authorities to make sure you have access to water, sanitary, electricity, gas and telephone (fibre optics).

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Working with clients, local authorities and necessary consultants to review property lines, corner pins, easements and rights-of-way, and the impacts of any structures on site.

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Determine if the site is indeed as level as it looks.

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Geology & Drainage

Compaction and suitability of soil for building and paving, presence of rock, possible bearing depth of the foundation.

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Site Plan Approval

Build to your vision, but make sure that your facility will be one that the City/Town will approve.

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Are there environmental concerns present on the site? Who has to pay for the clean-up?

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Find out what the development fees are, such as lot levies and other “soft” costs.

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Investigate the availability of transportation statistics, road set-backs, access concerns, etc.

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Are there regional conservation, archaeological or historical restrictions to the site?

“Maple Reinders’ Site Analysis & Selection service provides our clients with a 360° view which minimizes surprises and enables them to make the best site decision.”

Ray Veenstra

Senior Project Director, Buildings

No matter the length or depth of investigation Maple Reinders undertakes, we will tailor the scope of any constructability review to align with the project team’s needs.

Lyndon Grovum

Design Manager, Infrastructure Development


Harvest Bible Chapel

After performing due diligence services for the client, Maple Reinders was retained under a Construction Management contract to build the first phase of the new Harvest Bible Chapel structure.


Bluebird Self-Storage, Lakeshore

Provided a turn-key package of design, permitting and construction services for the conversion of an existing warehouse building into a self-storage facility.


Public Storage - Oakville

Maple Reinders took on the Design-Build contract for a new Public Storage facility in Oakville, Ontario. The facility is comprised of four individual buildings which together consist of 86,000 net rentable SF of space, divided amongst 770 self-storage units.

Get in Touch

Still have questions about how Maple Reinders can help you select the optimal building site? Give us a call to understand more.

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