Over $1B in Committed Financing

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Funding Flexibility. Low Execution Risk.

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Maple Reinders has substantial experience providing and arranging financing for large, complex Canadian infrastructure projects, having structured and secured in excess of $1B of committed financing for PPP projects and related developments across Canada. These include active projects in Ontario, Quebec, BC, Alberta, and New Brunswick.

Our primary objective is to offer our clients funding flexibility and certainty, low execution risk and an expeditious Financial Close.

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Sector experience to back it up

A distinct advantage we offer our clients is that on top of our knowledge of debt markets and our strong relationships with lenders, we have an in-depth understanding of the organics waste management sector based on our 50+ year history designing and constructing facilities in this asset class. Clients get an expert builder who can also deliver the most competitive financing solution with optimal terms.

“The value we bring is not just with our team’s unrivalled Canadian experience in financing municipal infrastructure projects but also with our experience managing lenders, their advisors, and rating agencies.”

Reuben Scholtens,
Director Infrastructure Development

Organics Waste Management

CRD Residuals Treatment Facility

This facility marks the fourth Canadian environmental project which we will deliver under the Public Private Partnership format, a first amongst its fellow Canadian contractors.

Organics Waste Management

Hamilton Biosolids Management

Maple Reinders, as part of the Harbour City Solutions consortium, was selected to build the Hamilton Biosolids Management project. The project is being delivered through a PPP using the design-build-finance-operate-maintain model, with a 30-year contract operations term.

Organics Waste Management

Calgary Composting Facility

The Calgary Compost Facility is the largest in-vessel composting facility in North America, with the main composting building having a footprint more than 31,000 square metres.

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Get us working for you.

Still have questions about Maple Reinders’ Equity & Financing services and how they can help your next infrastructure project? Give us a call to understand more.

Reuben Scholtens,Director, Infrastructure Development

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