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Maple Reinders has extensive experience in the design and construction of commercial projects for high profile clients from a variety of industries including automotive, airline, retail, IT, pharmaceuticals, energy, and oil & gas.

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Food & Beverage

The food and beverage sector in Canada is diverse, demanding and continually changing. Industry standards for food safety have become more stringent, and the demands for facilities that can meet the logistical requirements for processing, warehousing (freezer/coolers/ambient) and distribution are increasing.

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Industrial & Advanced Manufacturing

Maple Reinders has established a reputation for excellence in designing and constructing complex, technologically advanced manufacturing facilities. Key to this success is our understanding not only of construction, but of the highly complex manufacturing processes that take place within the buildings themselves.

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As communities grow and evolve, so too does the need for facilities to support the way they congregate, whether that’s to learn, worship or play. Maple Reinders has amassed decades of experience designing and constructing numerous single and multi-phased institutional projects for both public and private sector clients.

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Canada’s communities are growing fast, and Maple is helping to meet the housing demand by providing a complete service offering for land owners and developers to realize their vision. From design to regulatory approvals to on-site construction of multiple suite buildings, we have become a trusted partner in numerous residential projects throughout the country.

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Organics Waste Management

Maple Reinders has a long history in designing and building composting (aerobic) digestion facilities. We are also Canada’s pioneers in designing and constructing high solids anaerobic digestion facilities. In fact, out of the three municipal organics high solids anaerobic digesters currently in Canada, Maple Reinders has designed and built two: Richmond Biogas Energy Garden and Edmonton High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Facility.

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Process Mechanical

Maple Reinders has built an excellent reputation for performing process mechanical installations with precision and skill, for public and private sectors alike. Our team – from estimators to tradespeople – has specialized in municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities for many years. And more recently, we have applied this expertise to industrial installations for manufacturing, mining, and food & beverage production

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Maple Reinders has established itself as a market leader in the design and construction of self-storage facilities, with more than 25 completed projects in the past decade. These facilities may look deceptively simple to build, but they in fact require a specialized set of skills to ensure successful completion.

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Maple Reinders has constructed numerous transportation-related projects, gaining great experience in completing challenging and security-sensitive projects. Our reputation was established for excellence in designing and constructing complex, technologically advanced transportation and logistical facilities.

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Water/Wastewater Treatment

In its 50-year history, Maple Reinders has delivered more than 750 water and wastewater treatment facilities for municipalities across Canada. We are turn-key, possessing all the expertise required to design and build these highly complex facilities, including those with a focus on energy recovery. As a result, we have become trusted advisors to municipalities across Canada.

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Waterway Structures & Hydro Power

We’re living in a world that’s under reconstruction. Many structures built fifty to one hundred years ago – everything from buildings to roads and bridges – need to be rehabilitated or completely reconstructed. This is also true of infrastructure such as dams and hydroelectric plants.

Our Delivery Models

While the traditional approach to construction was to source multiple vendors, from architects to tradespeople, many clients found that method onerous in terms of their time alone, and, in the end, far more expensive.

But at Maple Reinders, our delivery model revolves around you. Whether you require an end-to-end DBOF delivery model or just some of our many professional services, we’re always here to help.

Being able to work with design consultants while managing the construction process has allowed me to bridge the gap between engineering theory and practical application in construction.

Brendan Farquhar, Project Manager

Recent Projects

Industrial and Advanced Manufacturing

Legacy Business Centre

Legacy Business Centre houses 193,910 sf industrial condos over two buildings. Built by Maple Reinders for Beedie Construction, the individual condos range from 11,000 sf to 17,000 sf.


Westbrook School K-8

The construction of the school took place while the existing Westbrook School (built in 1953) was in use for an entire school year. The contract included abatement and demolition of the existing school which was undertaken during the summer break.

Water/Wastewater Treatment

Ellison Separation Pump Station

Design-Bid-Build contract by Glenmore Ellison Improvement District to construct a pump station and reservoir as part of the Ellison Separation upgrade works

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Leverage Our Vast Experience

To learn more about the work we’ve successfully delivered any of the markets above, please give us a call.

Ken Kamminga, National Director of Business Development

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