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A History of Sustainable Construction

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Mass Timber Construction

We completed our first fully mass timber project in 2016. Comprised of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), it was one of the first buildings in all of North America to be built with CLT. We are proud to work with some of Canada’s finest mass timber suppliers and installers in order to bring to life beautiful and sustainable structures.

Industry Leaders in Sustainable Building

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The AEC industry has realized for some time now that buildings must be designed better to reduce their carbon footprint and be more environmentally responsible. With several LEED®-accredited staff in-house, Maple Reinders has provided design and construction expertise for sustainably building over 40 projects, including more than 25 LEED certified buildings.

We are also a five-time recipient of the Canadian Construction Association’s Environmental Achievement Award, in recognition of the leadership role we have taken “to promote and undertake exemplary environmental conduct within the Canadian construction industry”.

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Creating a legacy of sustainability

We understand that reducing the carbon footprint of one of the most wasteful industries on the planet begins with each player taking a look inward. From being one of the first contractors to initiate full recycling on construction sites to reduce waste stream to landfill, to instituting a complete ban on bottled water in our offices, we take very seriously the duty we have to minimize any environmentally detrimental effect our business might have.

“We are absolutely committed to environmental sustainability. It’s a major focus of the company,and really a reflection of our fundamental values, which are about caring for people and the communities in which we live. We believe we must be stewards of the environment.”

Harold Reinders
President & CEO

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Get in Touch

To understand more about how Maple Reinders can guide you in building ‘green’, give us a call.

Reuben Scholtens,VP, Pre-Construction


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