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Enterprise in Business Development

Enterprise is at the heart of Maple Reinders’ origins and the driving force of our growth today. Enterprise is about innovation, but more than that, it is about initiative, courage, discipline and creativity. It is a realistic and impassioned pursuit of overcoming challenges, and collaborative problem-solving to achieve and surpass our client’s goals.

Innovation Timeline

Half a century from our inception, we remain true to the enterprising mindset instilled by our founder. From designing and building North America’s largest in-vessel composting facility to delivering the first commercial structure in Canada to be built with sustainable BubbleDeck technology to building our own in-house proprietary project management software, we continue to pursue design and construction challenges with passion and integrity, consistently winning larger and more complex projects with our expertise and innovation.


Innovation & Excellence - CRD-timeline

CRD Residuals Treatment Facility

The entirely energy neutral facility uses proven anaerobic digestion followed by thickening, dewatering and a drying process, utilizing a fluidized bed dryer, the first of this type of application in Canada, and the second in North America.


Innovation & Excellence - 21.-Chartwell-Head-Office

Chartwell Head Office

First commercial building in Canada to use BubbleDeck technology: hollow plastic balls (recycled from old kayaks) inserted into slab and held in place by reinforcing steel. Reduces volume of structural concrete by up to 35% and construction costs by as much as 10%.


Innovation & Excellence - 20.-City-of-Calgary-Compost-Facility

City of Calgary Compost Facility

Designed and built North America’s largest in-vessel composting facility, treating all of the City’s green waste and most municipal biosolids.

Innovation & Excellence - 19.-Best-Managed-Platinum

Maple Becomes a Platinum Member of Canada’s Best Managed Companies

Maple Reinders achieves Platinum Member of Canada’s Best Managed Companies (having achieved Best Managed designation for nine consecutive years).


Innovation & Excellence - 18.-Cenovus-Operational-Support-Centre

Cenovus Operational Support Centre

One of the first office buildings in North America to be made completely from timber, no structural concrete or steel used anywhere in the building.


Innovation & Excellence - 14.-University-of-Guelph-Dairy-Research-Centre

University of Guelph Dairy Research Centre

State-of-the-art, world-class dairy research facility built to address the research, education and training needs of the Ontario and Canadian Dairy Sectors.

Innovation & Excellence - 17.-Port-Granby-WWTP

Port Granby WWTP

Only plant of its kind in Canada, treating low level radioactive wastewater.

Innovation & Excellence - blog-article-default-b-400x200

Maple's Mobile App

IT development of mobile app enabling employees to access and upload job contacts, expenses, POs, project photos, and other items.

Innovation & Excellence - 15.-Sechelt-Water-Resource-Centre

Sechelt Water Resource Centre

Canada’s first installation of Organica FBR™ system, using plants to naturally treat water effluent, reducing waste and energy consumption. Maple’s most awarded project to date (8 awards).


Maple project management software

Maple develops project management software

Dissatisfied with existing market offerings, Maple’s IT team developed internal project management software for use on all project sites.

Innovation & Excellence - 12.-Prince-George-RCMP-Municipal-Facility

Prince George RCMP Municipal Facility

LEED® Gold facility featuring cooling from an underground aquifer; heating from public district energy plant using mill lumber waste; exterior living wall for reducing solar gain and interior living wall for air purification.

Innovation & Excellence - 13.-Lorne-Park-WTP

Lorne Park WTP

World’s largest membrane filtration system for water treatment at time of construction.


Innovation & Excellence - 10.-Georgian-Bluffs-Biogas-Energy

Georgian Bluffs Biogas Energy

Designed and built Canada’s first municipal organics liquid anaerobic digester.


Innovation & Excellence - 9.-Porter-Airlinhes-Terminal-Expansion

Porter Airlines Terminal Expansion

Complex build at fully operational island airport.


3D modeling tools rendering

Maple Reinders 3D modeling tools

Maple Reinders’ first use of 3D modeling tools on Lorne Park WTP project, leading to creation of company’s BIM department several years later.


loader dumping compost into a bin

Hamilton Centralized Compost Facility

Partnered with technology company in the Netherlands to introduce first in Canada progressive in-tunnel composting in construction of the Hamilton Centralized Composting facility.

Innovation & Excellence - 7.-Canpar-Distribution-Facility

Canpar Distribution Facility

First Industrial project to attain LEED® certification in Canada.


Innovation & Excellence - 5.-U-of-Waterloo-Fire-Research-Centre

University of Waterloo Fire Research Facility

Construction of one-of-a-kind facility in Canada, used to test fire enclosure ventilation practices, fire suppression, exposure to fire radiation, fire growth and suppression.


Innovation & Excellence - 6.-G8-Summit-Renovations

G8 Summit Renovations

Construction and renovation to six different venues performed under high security for the G8 Summit, hosting world leaders, performed in just 4.5 days.


Innovation & Excellence - blog-article-default-b-400x200

CFRB2 Hamilton Demolition/Recycling

Partnered with Mennonite community to upcycle wood, salvaged from demolition of 1 and 2-storey wood structures, into handcrafted cabinetry.


Innovation & Excellence - 3.-Lois-Hancey-Aquatic-Centre

Lois Hancey Aquatic Centre

Construction of GTA’s only indoor wave pool. Facility is built into a hillside with natural terrain continuing over roof.

Innovation & Excellence - 2.-Peel-Energy-From-Waste-Facility

Peel Energy-From-Waste Facility

Construction of first energy-from-waste facility in Canada.


Innovation & Excellence - petroglyph

Petroglyphs Interpretive Centre

Climate-controlled protective enclosure around 1,200-year-old aboriginal rock carvings. At time of construction, one of only two rock art sites in the world completely enclosed by a building.

Various dates

arial view of large building in calgary

Leading the Industry In PPP Execution

Out of the eight environmental PPPs thus far in Canada, Maple Reinders has secured four: Calgary Compost Facility, Lac La Biche WWTP, Hamilton Biosolids and CRD Residuals.

Edmonton composting facility plants

Industry Leader in Anaerobic Digester Engingeering

Out of the three municipal organics high solids anaerobic digesters currently in Canada, Maple Reinders has designed and built two: Richmond Biogas Energy Garden and Anaerobic Digestion Facility at Edmonton Waste Management Centre.

rendering of biosolids management building

Leading the Industry in Biosolid Dryer Implmentation

Maple Reinders is installing the first and second biosolids dryers in Canada presently, representing a huge shift in Biosolids Class A treatment in Canada.

Innovation & Excellence - blog-article-default-b-400x200

Internal Systems Engineering

IT development of internal portal which acts as centralized management tool consolidating enterprise-wide systems including site reporting and accounting, project info database, FTP site, HR systems, training database, among others.

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