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Canada’s pioneers in environmental construction

Maple Reinders has a long history in designing and building composting (aerobic) digestion facilities. We are also Canada’s pioneers in designing and constructing high solids anaerobic digestion facilities.

Maple Reinders has designed and built more municipal organics high solids anaerobic digesters than any other company in Canada. Simply put, we are the leader in this space.

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Leading the future of organics waste management

Maple Reinders has expertise to lead at all points along the project lifecycle. In addition to design and construction, if the project requires financing, we can provide it through our investment arm, Maple PPP. We can also undertake operations of the facility through our subsidiary company, AIM Environmental – leaders in the field who operate several facilities across the country.

Maple Reinders’ work in this field is so respected that many of the requirements set out in new RFPs are based on criteria that we’ve established on our own previous projects, including the Guelph Organic Waste Processing Facility and the Calgary Composting Facility. Simply put, Maple Reinders’ projects are the benchmark.

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Our role as innovators is proven by the number of “firsts” we’ve brought to market:

  • Installing the first and second biosolids dryers in Canada presently, representing a major shift in Biosolids Class A treatment in Canada
  • Designed and built North America’s largest in-vessel composting facility at Calgary Compost Facility
  • Designed and built Canada’s first municipal organics liquid anaerobic digester at Georgian Bluffs Biogas
  • First company to introduce innovative European tunnel technology to Canada, at ground-breaking Hamilton Centralized Compost Facility

Related Projects

Organics Waste Management

Edmonton High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Facility

Constructed the High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Facility, which was integrated into the operation of the existing Integrated Processing and Transfer Facility and the Edmonton Composting Facility.

Organics Waste Management

Calgary Composting Facility

The Calgary Compost Facility is the largest in-vessel composting facility in North America, with the main composting building having a footprint more than 31,000 square metres.

Organics Waste Management

Richmond Biogas Energy Garden

The Richmond Biogas Energy Garden was a first of its kind green energy project, which involved the construction of a new food and green waste high solids anaerobic digestion facility.

Delivering Success

Maple Reinders has successfully delivered in both Industrial and Organics Waste Management and other sectors.

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Organics Waste Management - Richmond-Biogas-1
Organics Waste Management - CRD-Residuals-Treatment-Facility-1
Organics Waste Management - Hamilton-Biosolids-Management-1

“Hamilton’s compost facility has become a benchmark, visited by representatives of municipalities across North America and the world looking to implement similar programs.”

– Craig Murdoch,
Manager of Waste Disposal, City of Hamilton

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Get Us Working for You

Still have questions about Maple Reinders’ Organics Waste Management services and how they can help your next infrastructure project? Give us a call to understand more.

Reuben ScholtensDirector Infrastructure Development.


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