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Canada’s largest operator of municipal organics processing

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Maple Reinders is Canada’s largest private operator of municipal organics processing infrastructure through its subsidiary AIM Environmental Group Ltd., a fully integrated, co-owned Operation, Maintenance & Repair (OMR) Service Provider.

AIM Environmental are leaders in the field, with industry-leading technical and process knowledge, and unique and influential insight into advanced technologies and changing regulations in the organics processing realm.

Biosolids-derived renewable resources

AIM Environmental is also responsible for the marketing of the high-quality end-product resulting from the facilities which it operates, and others. Through its ‘Lifecycle’ brand, AIM Environmental brings more municipal organics and biosolids-derived renewable resources forward than any other Canadian company. The material is actively used for agronomic practices and as a renewable fuel source.

“Several Canadian municipalities have prioritized the removal of organic material from landfills to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainability. Maple Reinders and AIM Environmental have been uniquely instrumental in their realization of these critical objectives and are actively providing these services coast to coast.”

Reuben Scholtens,
Director Infrastructure Development


Tonnes of organic waste

Our OMR group processes annually.


Cities across Canada

Are serviced by our facilities.



Benefit from our OMR services.

Organics Waste Management

Hamilton Centralized Composting Facility

Maple Reinders, along with key Canadian and European project partners, undertook a benchmark Design/Build/Operate project to implement a new centralized compost facility as part of the City’s ambitious waste management plan.

Organics Waste Management

Calgary Composting Facility

The Calgary Compost Facility is the largest in-vessel composting facility in North America, with the main composting building having a footprint more than 31,000 square metres.

Organics Waste Management

Guelph Organic Waste Processing Facility

Maple Reinders was selected to undertake the replacement of a defunct composting facility for the City of Guelph located at the Waste Resource Innovation Centre. The design of the new facility called for the re-use of existing foundations and remaining sound structural components.

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Get us working for you

Still have questions about Maple Reinders’ OMR services and how they can help your next infrastructure project? Give us a call to understand more.

Reuben Scholtens,Director Infrastructure Development


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