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Trusted advisors to municipalities across Canada

In our 50-year history, Maple Reinders has delivered more than 750 water and wastewater treatment facilities for municipalities across Canada. We are turn-key, possessing all the expertise required to design and build these highly complex facilities, including those with a focus on energy recovery.

As a result of our decades of experience in this sector, we have become trusted advisors to municipalities across Canada, providing everything from value engineering and constructibility reviews to equity and financing. They know that with Maple Reinders, they are in good hands.

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Uninterrupted operations

Many of the water and wastewater projects we’ve undertaken are retrofits or expansions of existing facilities, so having them remain operational during the new construction period is a critical priority. We perform a thorough examination of the many operational aspects, such as hydraulics, piping, and aerobic and/or anaerobic systems to determine the optimal ways to undertake the construction with minimal or no disruption to ongoing operations, right through to the actual commissioning of the new facility.

Market Stats



We have built more than 750 water and wastewater facilities in our history.


Worth of construction

These projects represent significant investments for municipalities.


Lorne Park WTP

ML/day. Largest membrane filtration plant in the world at time of construction.

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Delivering Success

Maple Reinders has successfully delivered in both Water & Wastewater Treatment and other sectors.

Water & Wastewater Treatment - Mid-Halton-WWTP-1
Water & Wastewater Treatment - North-West-Langley-WWTP-1
Lac-La-Biche waste water treatment plant
Water & Wastewater Treatment - Port-Granby-WWTP-1

“Maple developed an excellent relationship with the plant’s operator and really made operating a water treatment plant just metres from a construction site look normal.”

– Jeff Hennings
Treatment Capital Manager, Water Division, Region of Peel

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Get Us Working for You

Still have questions about Maple Reinders’ Water & Wastewater Treatment services and how they can help your next infrastructure project? Give us a call to understand more.

Reuben ScholtensVice President, Pre-Construction

[email protected]

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