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A Culture of Servant Leadership

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Leading by Example

From the time of Maple Reinders’ founding, the concept of being in service has influenced everything we do, from the kinds of projects we select to the management and development of our teams. And nowhere is the idea of servant leadership more in focus for us than with Health and Safety (H&S). We believe that we must act proactively to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of one another, including our employees, subtrades, partners, and the public.

Although we have a national safety team of 14 professionals with several decades of experience and designations between them, (including National Construction Safety Officers, CRST, CRSP, and Gold Seal Certified), the H&S function at Maple Reinders is a top-down priority, and an enterprise-wide one, where everyone is responsible, and everybody has a voice.

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Guiding the industry forward.

Our strong safety record is a competitive advantage no doubt, but we don’t believe that H&S should be an advantage that only certain companies have, which is why we share our systems and process with our industry peers. Because when the industry is safer, we are all safer.

We Put Your Safety First

From being COR certified in every province, to being one of the first companies to mandate the use of safety eyewear on all our job sites, Maple leads the way in how we approach safety within the industry.

We go above and beyond the minimum legislated requirements for everything from training to site inspections.

Success Requires Being Proactive, and Reactive

Being committed to Health and Safety goes well beyond following the status quo. It requires the organization to look inwards and create effective systems and procedures to ensure the right actions are taken if something occurs. It requires constant innovation and attention. Because we can always be better, and safer.

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Training Action Program

Developed in-house, our H&S manual was developed not only to be used by our own staff but is freely distributed to our trades and partners.

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Safety Management System

Maple employs an electronic Health & Safety management system in order to streamline our reporting process.

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Internal Maple Rewards

A tie-in to Maple Reinders’ larger employee rewards program, we have incentives for improvements to our H&S program, site audits with zero orders and safe work behaviours.

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Site Inspections

In addition to the legislated once per week inspection the superintendent must perform, we employ in-house auditors to conduct monthly formal site audits of each project to ensure projects are compliant.

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Internal Alert System

Safety is never swept under the carpet at Maple. Anytime there is any incident regarding H&S, an internal alert is sent to all senior management.

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Though our motivation for a strong H&S program and record is not to receive accolades but rooted in our fundamental belief in it being the right thing to do, we are nevertheless honoured to have recently accepted OGCA’s Distinguished Achievement in Health & Safety award for our Zero Injury Frequency.

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