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Number One Builder of Environmental PPPs in Canada

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), by definition, are partnerships between the public and private sectors, established to deliver public infrastructure assets such as roads, hospitals, schools and water treatment plants. PPPs span a wide range of agreements – from Design-Build-Finance to Design-Build-Finance-Maintain-Operate – and depending on the model chosen, team members might include engineers, architects, builders, lenders and maintenance and operations providers.

While the Canadian PPP model has been around for generations, the use of PPPs for environmental projects including water/wastewater treatment and organics waste management, is relatively recent. Our decades-long history of work on environmental projects makes us the ideal fit for municipalities that need partners with the bench strength to execute these highly complex facilities. In this sector, our experience is second-to-none.

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Maple Reinders has successfully delivered more DBFOM PPPs than any other builder in Canada:

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Acting as more than just a Builder

Maple Reinders provides a unique advantage in being able to sit at more than one seat at the consortium table. Our subsidiary company, the AIM Environmental Group is Canada’s largest private operator of municipal organics processing infrastructure and currently provides Operations, Maintenance & Repair services to several facilities across Canada, from Calgary to Halifax and several locations in Ontario. In fact, we currently receive and process the organic waste material from over 3.5 million
Canadians – 10% of the population.

With our ability to fill more than just the Builder role of the consortium, we understand, and can anticipate overall project risk better and provide more value throughout the entire project life-cycle. Simply put, our experience and expertise make us a better partner.

Benefits of PPP Delivery Model:

  • Public infrastructure assets delivered sooner and more cost-effectively
  • Increased focus on technical and financial innovation
  • Improved standard of quality throughout life-cycle of project

Capacity to Make It Happen


Of environmental PPPs in Canada

Maple Reinders is leading the industry in all PPP projects across the country.



Maple Reinders has been actively involved with the Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships (CCPPP).


In PPP Financing

With over a billion dollars in committed financing, Maple Reinders understands PPP equity.

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Want to Discuss a Future Project?

To learn more about the PPP delivery method and how it can help deliver your project vision, please give us a call.

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