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Shared Risk. Shared Reward.

Integrated Project Delivery is emerging as an increasingly popular form of procurement, one that seeks to address the historically adversarial nature of the construction industry. The interests and objectives of all team members – from the owner to architects to consultants to contractor to subtrades – are aligned to well understood and agreed objectives, with a focus placed on increasing project value.

The concept of shared risk and reward, where the profits of all parties are directly tied to the Owner/Client’s project losses or savings, acts as a powerful motivator for all team members to work as a single entity with the goal of improvement in efficiency and productivity of the project.

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The future of Construction is ‘Lean’

As a member of the Lean Construction Institute of Canada, we understand how IPD acts as a perfect compliment to other forms of Lean Construction including Pull-Scheduling, Building Information Modeling; and like BIM, it’s seen as an important tool to increase project efficiency through improved project collaboration.

Maple Reinders is also a member of the Integrated Project Delivery Alliance, an organization that acts as a hub for like-minded companies in the AEC space to exchange knowledge and ideas.

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Benefits of IPD model:

  • Owner Collaboration
  • Maximum project value
  • Increased transparency throughout process
  • Innovative solutions to problems through collaboration
  • Significant reduction in waste
  • Shortened project delivery

Want to Discuss a Future Project?

To learn more about the Integrated Project Delivery method and how it can help deliver your project vision, please give us a call.

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