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Our People

Our people are the driving force behind our every success. We value our differences and how each of us brings different strengths to the business. We are collaborative, solution-focused and unified by a foundation of integrity and trust.

Our Team - Rita-Giugias-1-1
Our Team - Rita-Giugias-b-1-1
Barb Kerkoff headshot
Our Team - Valentina-Horvatic-1-1
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Angela headshot
Our Team - Ahmad-Hussein-1-1
Our Team - Laura-Di-Paolo-headshot2
Our Team - Kevin-Riedstra-web
Our Team - Rajan-Sharma-1-1
Derek Vanderpluym headshot
Our Team - Nat-Del-Valle-1-1
Our Team - Nate_Boudens_1998x1998
Our Team - Morgan-Paulson-1-1
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Our Team - Lyndon-Grovum-1-1
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Our Team - Caleb-Palam-1-1
Our Team - Ahmad-Hussein-1-1
Our Team - Adam-Coombs-1-1
Our Team - Ahmad-Hussein-1-1

Maple Reinders is all about Culture, Values and a Great Environment that helps you succeed. I am glad I am part of the Team

Ahmad Hussein

Project Manager 2

Our Team - Valentina-Horvatic-1-1

Two things at Maple Reinders that are guaranteed are growth and mentorship. The mentorship from management and colleagues during my 10 years at Maple have allowed me to learn, grow, and reach the goals that I had walking into the company. Management will always provide support whether it is on a professional or personal level. As an employee, to me, this speaks volumes

Valentina Horvatic

Operations Manager

Our Team - Rajan-Sharma-1-1

I’ve worked for Maple since I graduated in 2014, and the last 8 years have been great! I have enjoyed feeling like part of the Maple family, and the leadership team does a great job of listening to employees and finding ways to continue improving every year. Looking forward to a long career here at Maple Reinders.

Rajan Sharma, EIT, GSI

Project Manager

Our Team - Nate_Boudens_1998x1998

In any job, there will be good days and there will be bad days. The Maple Reinders organization truly has a way of making the bad days good and the good days great.

Nate Boudens


Our Team - Morgan-Paulson-1-1

Maple Reinders has been a great company to work for. My manager is proactive in ensuring I have the support I need to deal with any issues as they arise. Maple cares about my well-being and ensures I receive the ongoing training I need to excel in my career.

Morgan Leigh Paulson

Safety Co-ordinator

Our Team - Adam-Coombs-1-1

Maple Reinders gives you the autonomy to run a project as you see best. Management is there to support you when needed but is never over-bearing. Makes you feel empowered and driven to succeed!

Adam Coombs

Construction Manager

Our Team - Caleb-Palam-1-1

If you have the desire to develop your career and take on more responsibility, Maple recognizes that and places you in a position to succeed.

Caleb Palam

Operations Manager

Our Team - Lyndon-Grovum-1-1

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to be involved in some of the most interesting and challenging projects completed by Maple Reinders.  There are no shortages of challenges and opportunities as long as you are willing to accept them.

Lyndon Grovum

Design Project Director

Our Team - Nat-Del-Valle-1-1

If you are looking to build a solid career where People practice the values of Integrity & Excellence, then Maple Reinders is for you. Maple has inspired me to become a better professional, constantly grow, and make a positive difference at work every day.

Nat Del Valle

Proposal Manager

Leadership Team

Our Team - harold-reinders

Harold Reinders

President & CEO

Our Team - jeremy-olthuis

Jeremy Olthuis


Our Team - Flipped-Steve-Van-Hoffen-3

Steve Van Hoffen


Our Team - robert-zen

Robert Zen

VP Operations

Our Team - Reuben-Scholtens-web3

Reuben Scholtens

VP Pre-Construction

Our Team - paul-gibson

Paul Gibson

VP Human Resources

Our Team - Laura-Di-Paolo-headshot2

Laura Di Paolo

Director, Marketing and Communications

Our Team - CPM-resize

Chris Moran

General Counsel

Our Team - Dusko-Grambozov1

Dusko Grambozov

National Director, Major Projects

Our Team - daniel-chauvin

Daniel Chauvin

Regional Operations Director, Civil (East)

Our Team - Dan-Hayhoe-headshot

Dan Hayhoe

Regional Operations Director, Buildings (East)

Our Team - jonas-van

Jonas Van Ginhoven

Regional Operations Director (West)

Our Team - calvin-vanderslusis

Calvin Vandersluis

National Director of Field Operations

Our Team - Kevin-Riedstra-web

Kevin Riedstra

National Director, Business Development

Our Team - tom-mcdonald

Tom MacDonald

National Director of Estimating, Civil

Our Team - keith-zorn

Keith Zorn

National Director of Construction, Buildings

Our Team - craig-sparks

Craig Sparks

National Director, Health & Safety

Our Team - laura-donovan-web2

Laura Donovan

National Quality Systems Manager

Our Team - justin-updated

Justin Cowling

Director of Enterprise Systems

Our Team - kevin-dreyer

Kevin Dreyer

Director of I.T.

Our Team - Victoria-Vieira-web

Victoria Viera

Human Resources Manager

Our Team - oliver

Oliver Eggert

National Director of Risk Management & Strategic Initiatives

Our Team - derek-bunting

Derek Bunting

Ontario Regional Manager, Buildings

Our Team - Greg-Schulte-Web1

Greg Schulte

BC Regional Manager, Buildings

Our Team - glen-spalding

Glen Spalding

Alberta & B.C. Regional Manager, Civil

Our Team - Noel-DeNiese

Noel DeNiese

Talent Acquisition Manager

Members of the Board

Our Team - John-Wiersma

John Wiersma


Our Team - George-Smith

George Smith

Our Team - Mike-Reinders

Mike Reinders

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