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Improved Project Understanding

Constructability Reviews - Edmonton-High-Solids-Anaerobic-DF-edited

Saving You Time and Money

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Performing a constructability review is a value-added service that Maple Reinders can provide a project team. An invaluable tool for any project, during this process we confirm exactly what the project owner’s goals and requirements are, while performing a review of the contract, drawings and specifications. Identifying potential issues, risks and value engineering ideas ahead of time can help prevent project delays, errors, change orders and extra costs.

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Tailored approach based on project needs

The potential benefits of a constructability review are directly proportional to the duration and level of effort included in the constructability review. A high-level review could be completed in a couple of weeks but a more detailed, in depth review could take over a month. A constructability review can also be conducted on the entire project or on a specific area of a project. Questions that our team may ask include:

Design Stage Review:

  • Is the construction design realistic and feasible?
  • Can the design can be executed within budget?
  • Will the design take longer to execute than time initially afforded to the project?
  • Which materials will be necessary to complete the design, and which are the most cost effective while still achieving the design vision?
  • Are there optimal methods or technologies that will benefit the construction process and finished product?
  • Which equipment is necessary to achieve construction, and which can be done without?
  • Perform a cost/benefit analysis on equipment quantity
  • What are the site geotechnical conditions, and how will they will impact construction?
  • Is the field team performing construction on schedule or falling behind?
  • Are design expectations/intent being met?
  • Is construction waste being managed effectively?
  • Is there any extraneous, non-essential equipment being used during site construction?

“No matter the length or depth of investigation Maple Reinders undertakes, we will tailor the scope of any constructability review to align with the project team’s needs.”

Lyndon Grovum

Design Project Director, Major Projects

Constructability Reviews - Lyndon-Grovum

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Get in Touch

Still have questions about the benefits of Constructability Reviews and how they can help your next project? Give us a call to understand more.

Lyndon Grovum,Design Project Director, Major Projects

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