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Market Leader of a Fast-Changing Segment

Maple Reinders has established itself as a market leader in the design and construction of self-storage facilities, with more than 40 completed projects in the past decade. These facilities may look deceptively simple to build, but they in fact require a specialized set of skills to ensure successful completion.

These skills go beyond the ability to design and build well, to include an understanding of the market today – no longer simply “big boxes”, but sophisticated structures with various amenities built in.

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Maximize Performance of Your Building Footprint

Our extensive understanding of this market allows us to act not just as your builder, but as your building consultant. We will work with you to find the most efficient solutions for site layout, climate control, service elevators, lighting, and security systems, because we understand that maximizing the performance of the building is your number one priority.

Market Stats



Our portfolio in this sector is deep.


Worth of construction

Self-storage is one of our fastest growing segments.


Square feet

We have constructed more than 1M SF of rentable storage space.

Related Projects

Delivering Success

Maple Reinders has successfully delivered in both Self-Storage and other sectors.

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“Maple Reinders has assisted our company to get project approval from City municipalities and attended city meetings on our behalf to satisfy and reduce city requirements in order to reduce our project costs”

– Brian L. Griewe
Development & Capital Projects Director, SmartStop Self Storage

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Get Us Working for You

To learn more about the many ways we’ve helped clients realize their vision, please give us a call.

Kevin Riedstra, National Director, Business Development

[email protected]

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