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One Stop Accountability = Greater Project Control

Design-Build is one of the most common procurement models used in construction today. At its core is the requirement that a single source – or ‘design builder’ – be placed in charge of both the design and construction of a project. This requirement positively impacts the time required for these two phases as project scheduling can begin before the design is finalized. Design and construction done concurrently also allows for earlier establishment of project costs.

The owner additionally benefits with an increased level of collaboration between themselves, the designer and the contractor, as design changes can be made while receiving real-time understanding of resulting cost and schedule implications.

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Benefits of Design-Build Delivery Model:

  • Single source of accountability
  • Reduces design time
  • Early establishment of project costs
  • Faster project completion

Value Engineering for Innovative Problem Solving

Maple Reinders has delivered countless projects under the Design Build delivery model in both our Buildings and Civil sectors. One of the greatest advantages that we provide clients through this method is our value engineering approach.

As the design solution is prepared, and in conjunction with the Owner, multiple facets of value delivery are reviewed and tested with the goal of providing the best quality and constructability for the lowest cost, without compromising design. Read more on our Value Engineering approach to projects.

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Progressive Design-Build

PDB is a qualifications-based process wherein an Owner “progresses” towards a design and contract price with the team. The selected Design Builder then delivers the project in two phases:

1. Preliminary/Preconstruction Services
2. Final Design and Construction Services

For more information on PDB please visit Design-Build Institute Of America

More recently, Maple Reinders is bidding work under the Progressive Design Build (PDB) model.


Projects Completed

Maple Reinders has been delivering Design-Build projects for decades, and it remains one of our most popular procurement models.


Projects Financed

With over a billion dollars invested across our Design-Build portfolio, our experience is to be counted upon.


Satisfied Clients

A repeat client is the greatest measure of success we can achieve. Several hundred is even better.

Related Projects

Water/Wastewater Treatment

Sechelt Water Resource Centre

Maple Reinders was selected to provide the District of Sechelt with an innovative wastewater treatment solution. The team selected the unique Organica FBR™ system, used for the first time in North America on the Sechelt project.

Food and Beverage

Gordon Food Service, Calgary DC

Designed and built a new distribution centre for GFS Calgary operations with the intention of two future expansions which will bring the total size of the building to 500,000 SF.


Hyundai Mobis Parts Distribution Centre

As part of their growing needs within North America, Hyundai required a substantially larger facility to support their parts distribution network.

Want to Discuss a Future Project?

To learn more about the Design-Build delivery method and how it can help deliver your project vision, please give us a call.

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