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Put the Maple Reinders difference to work for you.

Maple Reinders is an award-winning Engineering Construction Company providing creative solutions in waste management, green building and organic waste composting. We have taken a lead role in responding to increased demand for an integrated DBOF (Design/Build/Operate/Finance) solution.

In everything we do, our priority is to ensure our long-term continuity through investing in human resources and equipment, and ensuring safety and quality assurance. Maple Reinders can tackle projects of every size, in all regions of Canada.

We have completed significant projects in the Canadian Arctic, on the East and West Coasts and internationally (Dubai). We work continually to improve our delivery methods and offer new technology. Our innovative approach has made us a leader in the construction industry.

Our passion

It’s at the root of everything we do. We are driven to succeed by offering our clients a variety of customizable approaches that can be tailored to fit their needs.

Our knowledge

Earned over decades of experience, we have enviable in-house expertise and strategic alliances that enable us to focus on environmental stewardship.

Our approach

It starts with an understanding of your business. We listen to where you’re at now and where you see the firm going in the future. We will help you get there by finding the right solution to satisfy your needs.

Our Partners

We have a wide group of specialists and leaders in the industry, including many in Europe, where green technology is ahead of the North American curve.

Our promise

We deliver a job well done, on budget and on time, with satisfaction guaranteed.