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The Sechelt Water Resource Centre CCA Environmental Achievement Award.

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Maple Reinders Receives the 2015 CCA Environmental Achievement Award (video link)

Maple Reinders Group of Companies is pleased to announce that we are the recipients of the 2015 CCA Environmental Achievement Award for our work on the Sechelt Water Resource Centre project in Sechelt, BC. As a past recipient of three Environmental Achievement Awards, we are humbled by the recognition and equally gratified that our projects continue to enhance and improve environmental performance.

The first of its kind in North America, the Sechelt Water Resource Centre provides state-of-the-art wastewater treatment for this picturesque community on BC’s Sunshine Coast.

Sechelt is located northwest of Vancouver; a 40-minute trip by boat from the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal or a 25-minute drive from Langdale along Highway 101. This picturesque municipality is home to 8,000 residents and a large tourist influx in the summer months. The District of Sechelt invited proposals for a design-build project delivery that Maple Reinders won in competition with four other potential design-build teams. Maple Reinders partnered with Urban Systems Ltd. as lead designer and with Veolia Water Solutions as technology and equipment provider.

The basis of the treatment plant design is the Organica Fed Batch Reactor (FBR) system. This system is a proven success in Europe and Asia with several facilities in operation, filling a need for a process that can be easily incorporated into a high-density community. In fact, moving away from traditional treatment systems to this process enhances the esthetics of a neighbourhood while still providing highly effective treatment. As the first of its kind in North America, this facility creates an opportunity to transform how wastewater treatment is viewed in Sechelt and beyond.

The new plant’s secondary treatment process employs the Organica system, which uses growing plants to enhance the treatment process. Architecturally, this system cleverly disguises the wastewater plant as a greenhouse and botanical garden. Final design of the site allowed for the existing site to be transformed into a public park with current potential uses including an off-leash dog park and community garden.

Designed to meet LEED Gold accreditation, the Sechelt Resource Centre is exceeding all effluent discharge criteria. The new plant uses 48% less energy than the existing plant and has the capacity to treat twice the volume.

There are many advantages that the Water Resource Centre brings to Sechelt:
• An end to the noise and odour from the old treatment plant
• A cleaner offshore environment with ten times less waste solids discharged into Trail Bay
• Double the existing treatment capacity to meet projected needs for the next 20 years
• A treatment system that is more cost efficient to operate
• An active-use park on the site consistent with the adjacent recreation and residential areas
• A 48% reduction in energy consumption compared to the existing LOD plants
• Efficient reuse of resources (composting biosolids, building heat reclaimed from the wastewater process, wastewater effluent) that would otherwise become waste
• Addition of rooftop solar panels to offset 10% of the plant’s electrical consumption
• Repurposing existing wastewater pipe networks for future water reuse potential

The Environmental Achievement Award was created in 1991 and recognizes the leadership role of CCA member firms and associations in promoting exemplary environmental conduct within the Canadian construction industry.

“We are delighted to be recognized nationally, as well as internationally, for this unique project. Working with our design partners, Urban Systems Ltd. in BC, Veolia Water Solutions in Quebec and France, and Organica in Budapest, Hungary, enabled us to create exceptional results in the development of this cutting-edge facility,” said Andrew Ambrozy, Kelowna-based Civil and Environmental Manager of BC Operations.

“Being the first project of its kind in North America, our team in British Columbia managed the unique challenges that arose and provided viable solutions while maintaining the budget and schedule. We believe that this project will act as a springboard, with its design and sustainability model being adopted throughout the rest of Canada and into the United States,” commented Mike Reinders, President and COO of Maple Reinders Group.

Maple Reinders was honoured at the Canadian Construction Association’s awards ceremony on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, at the CCA’s annual conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.


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