Maple Reinders


Safety in the Workplace

Maple Reinders places strong emphasis on training to protect both employees and the organization from hazards in the workplace.

Technology and economic contacts are demanding standards of conduct and a safety protocol. At Maple Reinders, training and consistent follow-up are therefore essential elements of daily activities.

It is imperative to recognize at all levels of the organization that safety is a central aspect in setting the operational code. Starting at the Executive level, the planning, awareness and discipline in safety affects the building process.

Identifying hazards is the first step in determining the risk factors and necessary protection. This increased emphasis has resulted in a positive work environment with a good safety record. Safety is enforced at all sites, with subtrades, suppliers and in cooperation with our clients. Proper documentation of inspections and regular reporting to the Executive assures that the safety chain is not broken and is adhered to. Regular meetings, self auditing, and inspections structure the safety culture. It is this philosophy of mitigating crises and responsible operations which builds our Corporate reputation and results.

COR Work Safe For Life