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Special Projects - Allendale-Hero

Finding Effective Solutions for Your Changing Business

With a focus on bringing our extensive experience to the forefront, Maple Special Projects is dedicated to handling your small, yet important projects, including renovations, upgrades, and repairs..

Our commitment extends beyond mere project execution; we strive to minimize risk, simplify the process, and offer responsive support at every stage.

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Types of Work

  • • Office Interior and Exterior Renovations

  • • Plant and Warehouse Modifications

  • • Production Line Modifications

  • • Building Efficiency Improvements

  • • Tenant Improvements and Retrofit

Delivering Success

See more Special Projects and other sectors that Maple Reinders has successfully delivered.

“The Maple Reinders team listened to our operational requirements, and it was a great collaborative effort. The Maple Reinders team did an exceptional job …and the project was delivered in great form.”

David Beckman, President & CEO, Zeton Inc.

Special Projects - Mena-Shamshoom

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Get us working for you.

To learn more about the many ways we’ve helped clients realize their vision, please give us a call.

Mena Shamshoom,Manager, Special Projects


[email protected]

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