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Whether you are looking to expand, retrofit, redesign or repair your space, our Special Projects Team can help.

Cold Storage and Food Processing  |  Advanced Manufacturing  |  Self-Storage  |  Life Sciences  |  Automotive  |  Commercial

Unlock Our Blueprint for Success

Whether you are planning to expand, retrofit, redesign, or repair your facilities, our team is ready to assist.

By completing and submitting this form, you are taking the first step towards gaining exclusive access to Maple Reinders’ detailed case studies. These documents offer a deep dive into our proven strategies and successes across various projects, providing you with valuable insights into our comprehensive pre-construction and construction processes.

Submit the form below for exclusive access to our blueprint and more.

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About Maple Reinders Special Projects

Finding effective solutions for your changing business.

With a focus on bringing our extensive experience to the forefront, Maple Special Projects is dedicated to handling your small, yet important projects, including renovations, upgrades, and repairs.

Our commitment extends beyond mere project execution; we strive to minimize risk, simplify the process, and offer responsive support at every stage.

Want to Discuss a Future Project?

Contact us today to arrange for a meeting, or to discuss a project with one of our team leads.

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