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Whether you are looking to expand, retrofit, redesign or repair your space, our Special Projects Team can help.

Cold Storage and Food Processing  |  Advanced Manufacturing  |  Self-Storage  |  Life Sciences  |  Automotive  |  Commercial

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At Maple Reinders, we have spent over five decades as a leader in ICI buildings and environmental construction, earning accolades for our innovative approaches and broad spectrum of services. Let us add value to your project with our extensive experience across various markets.

The first step to realizing your vision is just a phone call away. Schedule a call with our our dedicated team today to discover how we can support your success and become a vital component of your team.

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About Maple Reinders Special Projects

Finding effective solutions for your changing business.

With a focus on bringing our extensive experience to the forefront, Maple Special Projects is dedicated to handling your small, yet important projects, including renovations, upgrades, and repairs.

Our commitment extends beyond mere project execution; we strive to minimize risk, simplify the process, and offer responsive support at every stage.

Types of Work

  • Office Interior and Exterior Renovations
  • Plant and Warehouse Modifications
  • Production Line Modifications
  • Building Efficiency Improvements
  • Tenant Improvements and Retrofit

What We Do

  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Design Coordination
  • Permitting
  • Estimating
  • Construction
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Featured Special Project Case Studies

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Bondi Produce Mezzanine Expansion

  • Project Type

    Interior Expansion

  • Type of Contract


  • Completion Date

    Scheduled April 2024

  • Location

    Etobicoke, ON

Maple is providing design-build services to construct a total 5,550 sf of mezzanine space within Bondi’s existing facility at two locations. One section will be an open space into the loading dock that will be used for dry storage. The second will be an enclosed room with a separate temperature control used for food processing. This work will be coordinated with the daily operations of the facility.

Bacardi Dock Doors

  • Project Type


  • Type of Contract


  • Completion Date

    December 2014

  • Location

    Brampton, ON

Bacardi Canada approached Maple Reinders to assist in designing and constructing a set of two loading dock doors in lieu of a single drive-in door. Construction included removal of the existing drive-in door, underpinning of the existing foundation, removal of the existing facade and providing two retaining walls and a concrete ramp.

Maple Reinders provided construction services with numerous interior renovations and exterior facade upgrades as a preferred contractor for 25 years.

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Taylor Farms Renovations

  • Project Type


  • Type of Contract


  • Completion Date

    November 2021

  • Location

    Vaughan, ON

Maple Reinders was contracted by Taylor Fresh Canada as a subcontractor to the General Subcontractor (The Dennis Group) to conduct part of the renovation work for the Taylor Farms facility in Vaughan, Ontario. Scope include demolition of existing concrete slabs and curbs, removal and reinstallation of insulated metal panels, and the supply and installation of specialty doors, MRF flooring, and building of a new pump shed.

Want to Discuss a Future Project?

Contact us today to arrange for a meeting, or to discuss a project with one of our team leads.

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