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Trades and Sites COVID-19 FAQ’s

What are we doing to ensure trades, staff, and visitors are checked prior to entering the site or the office?

We have prepared a check list for all staff on site and offices to complete. We have broadcast a site access checklist and it will also be available on the website.

What if the local municipality or consultant on my project refuses to undertake required inspections that are on the critical path of my project causing delay?

In the event you are notified of such an event, the PM is to immediately notify their RM for direction. We are finding that in some cases, third party reporting and electronic submissions are accepted, while in others they are not. In any event, delays resulting from limited inspections outside our control must be first mitigated to the best of our abilities, and followed up with a notice to the owner that such delays have occurred outlining the impact as per Maple established procedures for such Delay Notices. Considering we are currently experiencing these situations, PM’s are also encouraged to proactively consult with their respective local municipality and site consultant as to best prepare, offer solutions, and work with our clients to avoid delay where possible.

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