Maple Reinders



“Maple was a rare find. They are highly honourable people who provide unsurpassed value.”
Maurie Karp – (Retired) President and CEO
Magnafoods Incorporated – Ottawa, ON

“We recognize the support and very close partnering that took place between our own team and your group. Maple demonstrated excellent attention to details, quality, expertise in managing all of the sub-trades while maintaining a professional attitude at all times. This facility is something we are very proud of and even our customers remark on how impressed they are.”

Frank Wennberg – VP & General Manager
ABB Body-in-White – Brampton, ON

“Maple’s approach was characterized by careful attention to detail; close consultation, valuable advice and quick, flexible responses; rigorous application of the highest building standards; and fostering a strong spirit of teamwork among all participating parties.”

Justin Cooper –President (Retired)
Redeemer University College – Ancaster, ON

“We are extremely pleased with the results are particularly appreciative of Maple Reinders’ performance as a Design/Builder. Both the office and the site personnel were dependable and hard working and at all times were very service-oriented.”

Fred Hagino – President
NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada – Mississauga, ON

“We were particularly impressed with the way your staff handled the costing, financial management, and control aspects of the project. What we appreciated most was the personal integrity and professionalism displayed by everyone at Maple Reinders.”

Bryant Yeomans – Superintendent of Public Works
City of Revelstoke, BC

 “We have praise for the professionalism and expertise of the Maple Reinders staff, and for the productive working relationship we enjoyed with them. Their attention to detail and adherence to the highest construction and safety standards contributed to the successful, on time completion of our projects.”

Leslie Marlowe – Director of Development
Pauls Properties Corporation – Brampton, ON

“We found Maple Reinders to be honest, open and very easy to work with. As part of this project it was suggested by them that we take a partnering approach to the construction phase to ensure that expectations were met, communication was open and transparent and that conflict resolution procedures were set in advance. The end result was a project delivered on time and on budget and at the end of it all, we all had a high level of respect for Maple Reinders and its staff. We look forward to our continued partnership where they will be operating the City’s Central Composting Facility over the next 15 years.”

Craig H. B. Murdoch – Manager of Waste Disposal
City of Hamilton – Waste Management Division – Hamilton, ON

“We were impressed with their expertise, thoroughness, integrity, as well as their ability to stay within budget.”

Henk Van Andel – President (Retired)
King’s University College – Edmonton, AB


“[Maple’s] tireless efforts helped to make our new building a pleasant place to work for all of us!”

Stephen Fisher
Psion Teklogix – Mississauga, ON

 "We have found the Maple Reinders people to be honest and hard working, and committed to their customers' objectives."

R.A. Hoyle - President
Cummins Ontario Limited - Mississauga , ON