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Complex Projects
Complex Projects - FIO_Automotive_webcrop

FIO Automotive Plant Expansions
Stratford, Ontario

Complex Projects - boundary_header_web

Nationwide Self-Storage & Auto Wash
Vancouver, British-Columbia

Complex Projects - VegPro2_web

VegPro Chinook Processing Facility
Coldstream, British-Columbia

Discover How Maple Reinders Excels in Complex Projects

At Maple Reinders, we thrive on challenges. Our track record in executing complex projects sets us apart in the construction industry. With a nationwide presence, we bring unparalleled expertise to every endeavor.

Explore our curated case studies that showcase our proficiency in three key markets: Food and Beverage Manufacturing, Self-Storage, Industrial and Advanced Manufacturing.

Complex Projects - MR_TrentSevern_webcrop

Trent-Severn Waterway Infrastructure Upgrades

The Trent Severn Waterway is a treasured Canadian waterway that connects communities, is a historic transportation route and is integral to Eastern Ontario culture and tourism. Maple Reinders completed Trent Severn Waterway upgrades to aging infrastructure totaling $365M in construction value for Public Works and Government Services Canada. The waterway consists of a 386-kilometre-long canal route connecting Lake Ontario at Trenton to Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, at Port Severn. The project spanned over six years and required intricate coordination of over two dozen sub-projects involving the replacement or rehabilitation of dams, embankments, and gates for the various canal lock structures throughout the length of the waterway.

The restoration of the Trent-Severn Waterway faced a unique set of challenges due to its heritage status and environmental and seasonal concerns. The government wanted to retain the integrity of the heritage status, which introduced limitations to the restoration work as well as material selection. As an added challenge, certain construction activities were often restricted from May to October due to the canal navigation season, fish spawning periods, and intense flooding. Maple Reinders’ extensive knowledge of environmental complexities and expertise with complex scheduling meant we could ensure the schedule was uninterrupted and that boaters could continue to enjoy the waterway with minimal disruption.

Complex Projects - OakridgeEnergy_webcrop

Oakridge Energy District Energy System

Located deep beneath the Oakridge Park development in Vancouver, Maple Reinders is building a vertical closed-loop GeoExchange field consisting of hundreds of boreholes with depths of 500-1000 feet, within a tight urban site. Harnessing the earth’s stable temperature to provide heating in the winter and cooling in the summer, the GeoExchange system will provide approximately 65% of the thermal energy requirements in conjunction with heat recovery chillers for the massive development that encompasses 14 towers with 2,600 homes, 1.5 million square feet of retail and work space, and a 10-acre park. To add to the challenge, Maple Reinders is constructing the district energy system in a discreet, centrally-located parkade.

Complex Projects - LuluBiogas_web

Lulu Island Biogas Upgrading Plant

At the Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, Maple Reinders installed a large biodome as the last milestone for a climate action project that cleans surplus biogas from the digestion phase of wastewater treatment solids. The system then transforms the biogas into a renewable, natural gas and injects it into Fortis BC’s natural gas grid. This type of facility is rare and is believed to be the first of its kind in British Columbia, according to the client, Metro Vancouver. More than 600 homes can be heated via the renewable natural gas generated by the Lulu Island facility. Maple Reinders prepared extensive logistics and site-specific safety plans, as the process enclosure and three process vessels had to be hoisted by dual cranes and carefully maneuvered in between existing equipment and piping already in place. Intensive quality checks ensured exact levels and tolerances were met.

Complex Projects - CRD_Residuals_web

Capital Regional District Residuals Treatment Facility

Municipalities across Canada face the continual challenge of what to do with sludge and other by-products generated through their wastewater treatment processes. Maple Reinders undertook a multi-faceted Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain contract to create a facility that treats these residual materials from a large wastewater treatment plant in the Greater Victoria area. Our unique facility digests, thickens, dewaters, and dries more than 14,000 dry tonnes of residuals per year. The end-product from this process is high-quality, thermally dried biosolids granules and is safe for beneficial reuse – such as fertilizer or as an alternative energy source. The system is also entirely energy neutral. The energy harvested from the solid waste during the treatment process is reused to power and heat the facility.

Complex Projects - FIO_Automotive_webcrop

FIO Automotive Plant Expansion

Maple Reinders has become a trusted partner to FIO Automotive, having completed three phases of their expansion to date. The latest phase included a new high bay manufacturing space, press foundations, scrap tunnel and handling room and office addition.
The new 3,000 tonne press foundation in the existing plant required extensive coordination to prevent any disruption to the client’s ongoing mass production activities. The new equipment installation phase overlapped with construction which also demanded strong coordination of multiple contractors.

“Despite many challenges, the project was completed without delays to major milestones so that our critical production launch activities could be successfully completed as the demanding schedule required. All 3 phases of our Stamping Plant construction have allowed us to become the leader in our global operations which could only be accomplished with the support of our critical partners like Maple Reinders.”

Dave Martin, President
FIO Automotive Canada

Complex Projects - TrouwNutrition_webcrop2

Trouw Nutrition Feed Mill

The project scope of the Trouw Nutrition New Feed Mill Facility consists of truck, rail and container receiving, tank farm storage, milling (grinding and cracking), dosing system, one mixer line, two pelleting lines with ability for fat coating, a bagging line, product loadout and a warehouse. Maple Reinders initially focused on improving drainage on the site with an underground pond, getting pilings in place, and making sure the foundation was sound. Our crew incorporated 1,100 tonnes of structural steel and 5,000 square metres of concrete into the new facility. Maple Reinders’ detailed procurement management plan ensured a tightly coordinated and controlled process for procuring, sequencing, installing and commissioning the numerous interrelated equipment components required by the client.

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