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FIO Automotive Plant Expansion

FIO Automotive Plant Expansion - FIO-Featured
  • Client

    FIO Automotive

  • Size

    60,000 SF

  • Completed


  • Location

    Stratford, ON

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FIO Automotive Plant Expansion - FIO-Intro

FIO Automotive Plant Expansion

This Design-Build project involved a 60,000 SF stamping press plant expansion for FIO Automotive, a supplier of automotive body parts for the Lexus RX350, Toyota Rav4, Corolla and Matrix.

The project included full foundations for 2-800T and 1-2500T presses as well as a complete underground scrap conveyor system connecting all three pits. To ensure all design parameters were considered, Maple Reinders travelled to FIO’s Indiana plant to see how all their systems fit together. This site visit allowed a visualization of how the three pits and tunnel system were to be constructed.

In consideration of the particularly harsh winter at the time of construction, as well as the fact that the design and engineering for the pits and presses were not 100% complete, the team decided to construct the exterior shell prior to excavation for pits, which allowed for excavation and construction of the press pit foundations during the winter months in a semi-controlled environment

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FIO Automotive Plant Expansion - FIO-Flex-1

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