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Barnston Maple Ridge - Pump Station

Barnston-Maple Ridge Pump Station - BarnstonFeatured
  • Client

    Metro Vancouver

  • Size

    350 ML/D

  • Completed


  • Location

    Pitt Meadows, BC

  • Delivery Models


  • Market

    Waterway Structures and Hydro Power


Metro Vancouver Pump Station – Pitt Meadows

Maple Reinders was contracted to construct a pump station for Metro Vancouver, which at the time was the largest municipal water pump station in the province. The pump station conveys water to the District of Maple Ridge and parts of Surrey and Langley, providing water to more than 2.1 million residents. The water is pumped to the Clayton Reservoir and is designed to be used in the peak summer months when water supply is at its lowest. Built to seismic specifications, the pump station was constructed to house six large pumps and allows for the future expansion of two additional pumps.

Due to the location of the project and its proximity to a residential neighbourhood, this pump station has a living green roof and high quality clad exterior to provide an aesthetic look and pleasing visual Impact. The construction is a concrete frame building, built from a mass concrete raft foundation. Construction of the raft slab involved one of Maple Reinders’ largest single pours of 1,306 m3 of concrete in one day. The roof is comprised of glulam beams providing optimal support to the living green roof.

Communication with local residents was paramount in the success of this project. The site team was extensively involved, with close liaison and regular “town hall” meetings to provide status reports, answer questions, and ease any concerns about the project.

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