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Stanley Adamson Powerhouse Rehabilitation Project

Stanley Adamson Powerhouse Rehabilitation Project - Stanley-Adamson-Powerhouse-Rehab-Featured
  • Client

    Trent University

  • Size

    18,000 MWh

  • Completed


  • Location

    Peterborough, ON

  • Delivery Models


  • Market

    Waterway Structures and Hydro Power

Stanley Adamson Powerhouse Rehabilitation Project - Stanley-Adamson-Powerhouse-Rehab-Intro

Stanley Adamson Generating Station – Peterborough

Maple Reinders was awarded the project by Trent University to redevelop the Stanley Adamson Generating Station, located on the Otonabee River in Peterborough, Ontario. The powerhouse, originally built in 1921, generates about 40% of the university’s power needs. Maple Reinders’ scope of work included:

  • Installation of upstream and downstream cofferdams;
  • Removal of existing turbines and associated generating equipment
  • Multiple stage concrete placement for turbine equipment, forebays and draft tubes;
  • Installation of downstream gates systems;
  • Reconfiguration of the powerhouse;
  • Installation of auxiliary mechanical and electrical systems;
  • Installation of sub-station and equipment necessary for interconnection with Peterborough Utilities Inc.;
  • Repairs to the existing structures as required to provide a service life of 40 years for the rehabilitated plant.

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Stanley Adamson Powerhouse Rehabilitation Project - Stanley-Adamson-Powerhouse-Rehab-Flex1

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