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Cascade Street Generating Station

Cascade Street Generating Station - Cascade-Street-Generating-Station-Featured
  • Client

    Bracebridge Generation Ltd.

  • Size

    3.2 MW

  • Completed


  • Location

    Parry Sound, ON

  • Delivery Models

    Construction Management

  • Market

    Waterway Structures and Hydro Power

Cascade Street Generating Station - Cascade-Street-Generating-Station-Intro

Bracebridge Generation Ltd. – Parry Sound

Maple Reinders was selected as the contractor to upgrade the existing dam and powerhouse for Bracebridge Generation Ltd. with WSP Group Inc. completing the detailed design.

The dam and powerhouse produce approximately 3.2 MW of electricity, upgraded from a previous 1.2 MW. The project involved demolition of the existing powerhouse, penstock and intake structure at the dam; and installation of a new intake, penstock and powerhouse with a more efficient turbine and generator. With the performance of the generating station enhanced, the existing deteriorating powerhouse was replaced with one of contemporary architecture while maintaining some of the heritage of the community.

The work included improvements to the access road and bridge to the powerhouse, new bypass gate and sluice, excavation of deepened intake and tailrace channels, and dam repairs. Temporary cofferdams were installed at both the upstream and downstream areas to isolate the site from the Seguin River and prevent water from entering the site. The cofferdams were constructed using excavated material from the powerhouse and penstock areas. Sediment-free water, leaking through or under the cofferdams, was pumped back over the dam and into the Seguin River. Sediment bearing water, from construction activities, was pumped to sedimentation tanks for treatment before being discharged to the Seguin River.

The new site is an interactive focal point showcasing the power of water to residents and visitors to Parry Sound

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Cascade Street Generating Station - Cascade-Street-Generating-Station-Flex1

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