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Good Shepherd Women’s Centre

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  • Client

    Good Shepherd Centres

  • Size

    50,000 SF

  • Completed


  • Location

    Hamilton, ON

  • Delivery Models

    Construction Management

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Good Shepherd Women’s Service Centre – Hamilton

Good Shepherd serves troubled youth, abused women and children, the dying, the mentally and physically challenged, the hungry and the homeless. Their ultimate goal is to support people through crisis and assist them in re-establishing healthy and productive lives in the community.

Good Shepherd Square is a unique campus of residential and social service buildings on an urban infill site in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, which consists of a Women’s Services Centre and three apartment buildings.

In 2009, Good Shepherd awarded the contract for construction of the Women’s Services Centre to Maple Reinders. This 50,000 SF facility accommodates a variety of services geared to women and children, including temporary housing and counselling services. Soon after starting construction of the Women’s Services Centre, Maple Reinders was retained by Good Shepherd as Construction Manager for the two adjoining apartment buildings as well.

Each apartment building consists of an underground parking garage, open areas on the first floor for ancillary services, and seven stories of residential living. Combined, the two apartment buildings will offer 175,000 SF of residential and mixed-use space.

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