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Lorne Park WTP

Lorne Park WTP - Lorne-Park-featured
  • Client

    Region of Peel

  • Size

    500 ML/day

  • Completed


  • Location

    Mississauga, ON

  • Delivery Models


  • Market

    Water/Wastewater Treatment

Lorne Park WTP Expansion – Mississauga

Since Lorne Park WTP was first built, Peel Region’s population has grown from 352,703 to 1,159,400; with a projected population for 2031 at 1,571,000. To ensure adequate supply of safe drinking water for Peel’s residents and businesses, Lorne Park WTP underwent a further expansion.

Maple Reinders was contracted to employ modern, state-of-the-art membrane technology to increase the plant’s capacity to 500 ML/day making it the largest membrane filtration system in the world. Additionally, the plant is equipped with an ultraviolet light disinfection system to ensure inactivation of pathogens and advanced oxidation to help control taste and odour that appear seasonally. This advanced treatment system ensures extremely high quality water that exceeds Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standards, as well as providing residents with a secure source of water.

Special efforts were taken to minimize the impacts to an adjacent community park. To begin with, the design incorporated existing operations and was confined to a small footprint in order to maximize current infrastructure. The choice of membrane and ultraviolet light disinfection technology were also key factors in attaining these two goals. Utilizing advanced construction techniques and the skills of qualified contractors helped Maple Reinders maintain the compressed construction schedule and mitigate the impacts on the neighbourhood.

Previous Project

Vernon Water Reclamation Centre

The City of Vernon required a major replacement and expansion to its Water Reclamation Plant so Maple Reinders answered the call with the construction of a new 27 ML/day Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) plant on the site of the existing plant.

Next Project

CRD Residuals Treatment Facility

This facility marks the fourth Canadian environmental project which we will deliver under the Public Private Partnership format, a first amongst its fellow Canadian contractors.

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