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Picton Wastewater Treatment Plant

Picton Wastewater Treatment Plant - Picton-WWTP-Featured
  • Client

    Prince Edward County

  • Size

    14 ML/day

  • Completed


  • Location

    Picton, ON

  • Delivery Models


  • Market

    Water/Wastewater Treatment

Picton Wastewater Treatment Plant - Picton-WWTP-intro

Wastewater Treatment Plant – Town of Picton

A new wastewater treatment plant WWTP was required in the Town of Picton to accommodate predicted population growth. The facility had to be flexible to accommodate significant variations in population in Picton from permanent residents in winter to high summer tourist populations. The treatment plant was also required to treat septage and sewage holding tank contents.

Maple Reinders developed a design with five main components including preliminary treatment, septage receiving station, secondary treatment with extended aeration system, tertiary treatment, aerobic sludge digestion, and digested sludge dewatering (mechanical).

The associated system included the construction of a new pumping station, making use of existing infrastructure at the location of the existing WWTP, including the installation of two force mains to pump the raw wastewater up the hill towards the new facility

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