Six Nations Water Treatment Plant

Six Nations Water Treatment Plant - Six-Nations-WTP-Featured
  • Client

    Six Nations of the Grand River

  • Size


  • Completed


  • Location

    Ohsweken, ON

  • Delivery Models


  • Market

    Water/ Wastewater Treatment

Six Nations Water Treatment Plant - Six-Nations-WTP-Intro


Maple Reinders was awarded a contract to construct a new 1,800m2 water treatment plant (50L/sec capacity) for the largest First Nations reserve in Canada, in Ohsweken, Ontario, for the Six Nations of the Grand River Council. The plant has a total production capacity of 4,050m3 of water per day, almost four times that of the old plant.

  • The scope of work included:
  • Intake Structure comprising six intake gates at various elevations drawing water from the Grand River, as well as two settling chambers
  • Low Lift Station including a CO2 system to adjust raw water pH if required
  • Water Treatment Plant

The plant also has systems to deal with water treatment residual comprising of a gravity thickener, actiflo, and a filter press.

Six Nations Water Treatment Plant - Six-Nations-WTP-Square1
Six Nations Water Treatment Plant - Six-Nations-WTP-Square2
Six Nations Water Treatment Plant - Six-Nations-WTP-Square3

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