First of its Kind BubbleDeck Technology Used at Chartwell Head Office

Maple Reinders’ Chartwell Retirement Residences Head Office project made the use of BubbleDeck  technology during a concrete pour on Friday, June 22nd. BubbleDeck uses a technique of linking air, steel and concrete in a two-way structural slab. Hollow balls made from recycled plastic – in this case recycled kayaks – are inserted into the slab and held in place by reinforcing steel.

This pour marked a couple of firsts as Chartwell’s Head Office is the first commercial building in Ontario to use the Bubble Deck system, having been used only on residential projects to date. It is also the first building in Ontario to use the bubble cage system for installation, as opposed to precast panels.

The benefits of BubbleDeck technology include a reduction in the use of structural concrete – in some cases as much as 35% – for a lighter and thinner slab. There is also a reduction in the use of formwork. This results in faster construction and reduced overall cost. The use of air in the bubbles also provides additional benefits including thermal isolation and building noise reduction.

For more information on BubbleDeck visit and this bubbleDeck video.

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