Algonquin Power Co-Generation Steam Corridor

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    Brampton Co-Generation

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    Brampton, ON

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    Process Mechanical

Algonquin Power Co-Generation Steam Corridor - Algonquin-Power_Intro


Maple Reinders was contracted to build a linked steam corridor from Algonquin Power’s Peel Energy-from-Waste facility to the facility of an adjacent industrial steam user, Norampac. The steam is delivered to Norampac via a combined buried and above ground steam line. After use at Norampac, the condensate is returned to a condensate collection tank. The condensate is subsequently returned to the Energy Plant site for re-use.

Work on the project included installation of a boiler, stack, deaerator, transfer pumps and booster pumps, steam piping between the Energy Plant and Norampac (including 2 steam meters), condensate and feedwater piping, steam desuperheating and pressure reducing station, water storage, water treatment plant, air compressors and control systems.

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