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Cape Breton Regional Municipal Compost Facility

Cape Breton Regional Municipal Compost Facility - Cape-Breton-Regional-Municipal-Compost-Facility-feature
  • Client

    Cape Breton Regional Municipality

  • Size

    12,000 tonnes/year

  • Completed


  • Location

    Sydney, NS

  • Delivery Models


  • Market

    Organics Waste Management

Cape Breton Regional Municipal Compost Facility – Sydney, NS

Maple Reinders completed the design and construction of a new composting facility in Sydney, Nova Scotia, to process approximately 12,000 tonnes per year of source separated organics and biosolids. The main compost building is divided into two sections: Receiving Area to receive organic material for composting, including a tipping and inspection area; and Composting Tunnels, constructed of concrete on top, bottom, both sides and at one end, with an insulated steel door provided on the open end.

Once compost is placed in the tunnels, they are sealed and oxygen is added through an aerated floor grid to promote biological activity. Indoor storage for an additional five months of material is provided in a separate storage building; and outdoor storage for an additional one year’s worth of material is also provided.

In addition to design and construction, Maple Reinders operated this facility during commissioning and for the first three months of full scale operation prior to hand-over to the Municipality.

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