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Prince George RCMP Municipal Facility

Prince George RCMP Municipal Facility - Prince-Geroge-Featured
  • Client

    City of Prince George

  • Size

    70,000 SF

  • Completed


  • Location

    Prince George, BC

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Prince George RCMP Municipal Facility - RCMP-Intro

Prince George RCMP Municipal Facility

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Detachment Facility is a replacement facility providing Protective Services for the City of Prince George. The facility was built to reflect one of the City’s broader goals to create public facility design that enhances revitalization efforts in the downtown core, as well expressing the forest industry’s importance to the City through a strong and visually interesting display of wood in the fabric of the building.

While the facility functionally integrates both Community Policing and Victim Services and Core Protective Services, a ‘welcoming’ public atmosphere and character help to weave the RCMP presence into the broader community fabric. The prominent arched front public elevation, with tree-like columns and trellis structures frame the urban plaza. The facility includes both an Emergency Operation Centre and a Detention Wing. Constructed directly behind the DNA themed detention wall glazing is Alberta Research Council’s new direct heat storage system using Phase Change Material technology.

This facility certified LEED® Gold and features cooling from an underground aquifer; heating from a public district energy plant which will use mill lumber waste; re-use of recycled wood from an existing site building; an exterior living wall for reducing solar gain and; an interior living wall for air purification with dual solar chimneys to ventilate the central atrium.

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