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Carbon Neutral Sustainable Design Approach

Maple Reinders has a committed vision for a more sustainable future which drives much of our work, including the foundation of how we operate as a company. This commitment is visible in the everyday practices of our people and our projects with consideration for the three pillars of sustainable development which include environment, social, and economic impact. Our corporate culture places a high priority on sustainability. From the way we build a project to the way we operate our offices, it is part of our mindset, and it is also a primary means of adding value for our clients.

We are also developing new sustainability services to meet the needs of our clients. Our portfolio of renewable energy projects, our establishment of climate adaptation services, and our expansion of carbon management services proves beyond question that we are engaging with and responding to our clients’ demand for sustainable solutions. By embedding the principles of sustainability into our culture and our work, we mitigate our impact on the environment.

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Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Design and Lower Emissions

The first priority for sustainable design and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the reduction of energy demand. Utilizing passive design methods, building systems are viewed in terms of their potential for reducing demand. Examples include shading strategies, high performance envelopes, high volume low velocity ventilation systems, and low consumption electrical components. With reduced energy demand, the burden on the mechanical plant in particular is reduced, less energy is consumed, less greenhouse gasses are emitted at the facility, and equipment realize increased durability over the operating life of the project. This approach considers the potential for integrating renewable energy technologies such as geothermal, and other like strategies. With an overall reduction in energy demand, the opportunity for renewable to pick up a larger share of the demand is increased. The combined effect of reducing the energy demand of the building and the use of sustainable energy technologies is anticipated to reduce the operating and maintenance costs of the building, provide more comfortable and resilient spaces and aid in achieving a client’s carbon neutral goal.

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“We chose to work with Maple because of their reputation as a dependable contractor with integrity, and because of their confidence and enthusiasm for undertaking work in a broad scope industrial project.”

– April Meyer
Manager Project Development, Algonquin Power 

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To learn more about the many ways we’ve helped clients realize their vision, please give us a call.

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