Maple Reinders




Operational Philosophy


Our entrepreneurial focus leads us to seek new solutions and develop our company into a Canadian industry leader. We welcome the challenges presented to us by our clients, and offer comprehensive services and contract options that meet their needs.


We are conscious of our ethics, social responsibilities and reputation. Our key values are the basis for our actions in building mutual trust, good working relations and the success of our enterprise.


Our construction projects revolve around the development of solutions for our clients, problem-solving, long-term success, and an increased focus on sustainable design and environmental accountability. We are committed to quality, safety, efficiency and practical solutions for all parties. This cultural core gives us a source of inspiration.

Managerial Goals

We want to be recognized as an industry leader backed by an experienced management team and solid profitability. Our goal is to be an employer of choice, offering a distinguished career that fosters a sense of pride and satisfaction.


Working closely with our clients, we are guided by a well planned strategy which is based upon our internal knowledge base and resources. We stay abreast of, and participate in, new construction methods, technology and project delivery.


With an established network of offices, contacts and partners across Canada, we can effectively serve clients anywhere in the country. Building depth into our company structure is a continual process; and allows the rising “stars” among us to shine.